Navigating the Personal Dynamics of Our Life Teams

It’s often said in jest, “You’re fired!” but the reality behind these words can provoke a deep, introspective journey, especially when it comes to managing our personal life teams. Mentorship and guidance are disciplines of their own, requiring one to adhere to the very advice they give. As ironic as it may sound, this is […]

Reflections on Proximity and Distance: Understanding Our Role in Society

As I awoke recently in a city renowned for its motorcycle rally and a mountain etched with profound historical significance, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity—not for the place itself, as I had never truly explored its streets or engaged with its subtleties before, but for the themes it stirred within me […]

Embracing Continuous Improvement: Lessons from the Montana Medical Group Management Association’s Conference

David (Dave) Nordel, CMSgt, USAF (ret), RN, BSN, MS Leadership Coach, Consultant & Keynote Motivational Speaker Military transition expert CEO of Max Fab Consulting (A Veteran owned proprietorship) Leadership is a journey of perpetual learning and evolution. As someone who has led large and small organizations, I’ve learned that imperfections and mistakes are simply part of the […]

Closing the Gap: A Holistic Strategy for Veteran Transition and Long-Term Success

Thousands of veterans transition from military service into the civilian workforce every year. Their journey is full of opportunity and challenge. Institutions like the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University have made significant strides in supporting this transition through comprehensive programs and partnerships. However, as we commend these efforts, we also […]

Imposter Syndrome & Your Environment: A Deep Dive

The narrative surrounding imposter syndrome often paints it as a personal quagmire, a psychological hurdle people must overcome to unlock their full potential. Yet, Seth Godin’s reflection on “The Rock Star Conundrum” and the story of Esther from The Bible invite us to consider a broader, more nuanced perspective. They challenge us to think about […]

Sine Cera: The Foundation of Authentic Leadership and Environmental Stewardship

In the bustling corridors of modern businesses and the increasingly conscientious marketplace, the ancient Latin phrase “Sine Cera,” translating to “without wax,” resonates with a profound relevance. This concept, deeply rooted in the integrity of Greek and Roman sculptors, who would assert their honesty by declaring their sculptures free of wax fillers, symbolizes the essence […]

Empowering Veterans and Transforming Workplace Culture: MaxFab Consulting Unveils Vet READY Program

Billings, Mont— In a groundbreaking initiative, Dave Nordel, a retired Chief Master Sergeant from the U.S. Air Force and the owner of MaxFab Consulting, is revolutionizing corporate landscapes with the launch of the Vet READY Program. This innovative program aims to not only attract highly skilled veterans but also foster vibrant and inclusive work cultures, ensuring the retention […]

Randy the Rat: Jumping from a Sinking Ship

In the dance of leadership and organizational culture, the story of Randy the Rat is not just an anecdote but a profound analogy. Randy’s departure from a sinking ship speaks volumes about the crises of leadership and culture in the military or specific sectors, and in our broader societal institutions. We will dive into the […]

Are you a pig or a chicken?

In the quiet moments of need, a simple question often emerges, “Is there anything I can do for you?” While seemingly straightforward, this question carries the weight of true intention and commitment. It’s a question that finds its roots in our most vulnerable—when someone is sick, overwhelmed, or mourning a loss. We’ve all asked it, […]

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