Veteran-READY Program


Max Fab Consulting’s Veteran READY Certification and Training Program works with businesses to build a vibrant and inclusive veteran-READY culture that will attract highly skilled veteran employees. This program specifically addresses the unique challenges and opportunities that veterans bring to the workplace, ensures seamless integration, and maximizes the potential of this valuable talent pool. The Veteran READY Certification and Training Program is tailored and scalable to meet the needs of each unique business.

A key benefit of the Veteran READY Certification and Training Program lies in its ability to address underlying factors that contribute to an alarming 43% of veteran turnover in their first year of employment (*). It also assists in creating a work environment where veterans feel valued, understood, and supported. Through comprehensive training and support in areas such as camaraderie, military-to-civilian transition challenges, mental health, and values alignment, businesses will be equipped with the right tools to create a work culture that encompasses the unique needs of veterans.

The Veteran READY Certification and Training Program also presents a unique opportunity for civilian employers to foster an environment that not only recognizes the valuable skills and experiences that veterans bring but also actively supports their successful integration into the workforce.

*2016 study conducted by the Center for a New American Security and analyzed the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Defense. 


RECOGNIZE the unique strengths and leadership qualities of veterans
EMPOWER veterans through training, development, and mentorship
ALIGN veterans’ skills with positions that match their purpose
DEVELOP programs to enhance mental health and well-being By getting to YES, we build an inclusive environment that values diversity and teamwork


1: Introduction & Program Kick-off

  • Program Overview and Objectives
  • Introduction to the importance of a veteranfriendly/READY culture
  • Leadership commitment and engagement
  • Highlighting the data: i.e., 43 out of every 100 new veterans leave their first job within the first year

2: The Veteran culture & journey

  • Module 1: Camaraderie, Battle Buddies, and Shipmates
  • Module 2: Identity and Purpose

3: Veteran Baggage & Understanding the Institution

  • Module 3: Department of Defense Culture and Transition Challenges
  • Module 4: Basic Training and Adaptation
  • Module 5: Time Management

4: Veteran Baggage & Understanding the Institution, Cont'd

  • Module 6: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Module 7: Moral Injury
  • Module 8: Substance Abuse and Mental Health
  • Module 9: Suicide Prevention
  • Highlighting the data: 1300 new veterans enter the civilian workforce daily, emphasizing the need for veteran-ready employers.

5: Civilian Culture & Veteran Perception

  • Module 10: Time Management in the Civilian Workplace
  • Module 11: Effort and Utilization of Resources
  • Module 12: Overcoming Fear of Failure
  • Module 13: Mission Accomplishment and Performance

6: 3rd Dimensional Values & Conflict

  • Module 14: Words Versus Actions in the Workplace
  • Module 15: Understanding Why Veterans Leave Organizations
  • Module 16: Creating a Feedback-Friendly Culture

7: Veteran Culture & Their Needs

  • Module 17: Community and Support Networks
  • Module 18: Values Alignment and Organizational Culture
  • Module 19: Integrity and Trust
  • Module 20: Respect and Inclusion
  • Module 21: Purpose and Meaning in Work
  • Module 22: Deference to Expertise

8-12: How to Build a Veteran READY Organization and Sustain It

  • Module 23: Establishing a 12-Month Commitment to Cultural Change
  • Module 24: Engaging an Outside Agency for Facilitation and Expertise
  • Module 25: Developing Veteran-Specific HR Policies and Procedures
  • Module 26: Conducting Follow-up and Continuous Improvement Processes
  • Highlighting the data: Building veteranready organizations contributes to decreased substance abuse, improved mental health, and reduced suicide rates, leading to stronger communities, and making them desirable places for highly capable and experienced veterans to reside

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