This journey isn’t just about personal clarity. It’s also about how this clarity can be mirrored in
the lives of others, particularly with veterans transitioning back into civilian life. Through my
work with Max Fab and specifically my Vet READY program, I’ve seen firsthand how essential
clarity is for veterans. The transition from active duty to civilian life can often feel like walking
through a fog, similar to the one I experienced during my drinking days.

The clarity from sobriety is not just an individual achievement; it’s a collective need. Non-
military employers and leaders need this clarity to understand the veteran experience better.
This understanding is crucial to building cultures and environments that facilitate smooth
assimilation and adaptation. High clarity and understanding make offering help, facilitating
change, and walking alongside those navigating difficult paths easier.

A Call to Action:
This story is more than just a recount of my journey; it’s a call to action. The clarity achieved
through sobriety was a solo endeavor. Still, the clarity veterans need is a collective
responsibility. Employers and leaders are uniquely positioned to elevate this understanding to
the point of ‘uber clarity.’ By doing so, we can decrease negative outcomes and enhance
positive integration for veterans.

A veteran’s transition journey can often be clouded with uncertainty, just like the fog of my
past. We don’t want life-altering or near-death experiences to be the catalyst for clarity. My
decision to quit alcohol was one of many steps in my journey, and the help I received along the
way was invaluable. Veterans, too, will take the initiative to help themselves, but they thrive
with support from employers and leaders who appreciate their experience.

Embrace Clarity, Be Vet READY
To all reading this: embrace and foster clarity in your lives and the lives of those transitioning
from military to civilian roles. The path toward clarity might be fraught with challenges, but it’s
a journey worth taking. Get Vet READY, clear the fog, and see the future with newfound clarity.
If my journey or insights resonate with you, or if you’re looking to be part of this mission of
clarity and transition, reach out. Let’s be Vet READY together. Let’s clear the fog and embrace a
future of understanding and support.

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