Billings, Mont— In a groundbreaking initiative, Dave Nordel, a retired Chief Master Sergeant from the U.S. Air Force and the owner of MaxFab Consulting, is revolutionizing corporate landscapes with the launch of the Vet READY Program. This innovative program aims to not only attract highly skilled veterans but also foster vibrant and inclusive work cultures, ensuring the retention of valuable veteran talent.

Alarming statistics from a study highlighted on Muma Business Review underscore the critical need for initiatives like Vet READY. Shockingly, the study reported that U.S. military veterans have retention rates as low as 20-35 percent in their first two years of employment post-service, significantly lower than the general U.S. workforce’s 77 percent retention rate. This high turnover among transitioning veterans not only incurs financial losses for employers but also negatively impacts veterans with challenges such as unemployment and difficulty assimilating into civilian culture.

“At the heart of Vet READY is a commitment to addressing the factors that lead to high turnover among veterans,” Nordel explains. “Our comprehensive training and support encompass crucial areas such as camaraderie, military-to-civilian transition challenges, mental health, and values alignment.”

Highlighting the tangible impact of Vet READY, Nordel collaborated with the leadership of Faith Evangelical Church in Billings, implementing strategies and practices to cultivate a culture of better understanding and unwavering support for both current and future veteran congregation members.

“Faith Evangelical Church has embarked on a transformative journey, culminating in the completion of Max Fab Consulting’s Vet READY Certification and Training Program,” shares Nordel. He adds that this achievement marks a significant milestone for the church but also sets a national precedent, positioning them as the first faith-based organization in the nation to earn this distinguished certification. “The program, meticulously designed to foster a vibrant and inclusive veteran-READY culture, directly addresses veterans’ unique challenges and opportunities in the civilian workforce,” explains Nordel. “By doing so, Faith Evangelical Church has laid the groundwork for attracting highly skilled veteran congregation members and employees, ensuring their seamless integration, and maximizing the potential of this invaluable talent pool.”

Lonnye Finneman, executive pastor at Faith Evangelical Church, shares his experience working with Nordel implementing the Vet READY Program into the congregation. “Dave’s passion for veterans to effectively be integrated into the workplace and faith communities is contagious. He has inspired us to seek opportunities to best utilize veterans for their skills and experience in serving in a variety of capacities.” Finneman adds that “Through Dave’s personal vulnerability and sharing the experiences of his fellow veterans, we have been compelled to become a Vet READY community that provides healing and shows God’s love in meaningful ways.” 

Nordel emphasizes the unique opportunity the Vet READY program presents to civilian employers. “It’s about more than just recognizing the valuable skills and experiences that veterans bring; it’s about actively supporting their successful integration into the workforce. Vet READY helps companies go beyond expressing gratitude for veterans’ service, we help companies show their commitment to their veteran’s continued success.”

MaxFab Consulting’s Vet READY Program reshapes the landscape of corporate inclusivity, setting a new standard for veteran support and workplace culture transformation. Get Vet READY today. Learn more about Dave Nordel.

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