In our fast-paced lives, we often overlook the subtle signs that indicate pending
problems. However, we can learn much from animals when it comes to paying attention
to pending problems; their tendencies, habits, and reactions and using these signs to
predict future events. Understanding and interpreting these subtleties can make a
significant difference, whether it’s about saving lives, money, time, or our health. Let’s
dive deeper into this concept by exploring a personal experience I had on a fishing boat
and the lessons it taught me.

The Fishing Boat Adventure:

I found myself on a fishing boat on a hot and humid day in Saskatchewan, with billowy
clouds looming above. The weather was concerning, particularly with the threat of
lightning, so we decided to head back to the dock and pull the boat out of the water as
a precautionary measure. As we made our way toward the boat ramp, something
caught my attention—about 40 head of cattle were gathered near a tiny tree, all of
them lying down.

The Hidden “Cows” in Our Lives:

Just as the cattle indicated an impending storm, our own metaphorical “cows” can
guide us toward recognizing potential issues before they escalate. The “cows” can take
various forms—a gut feeling, a sense of unease, or a deviation from the norm. They are
the subtle signs we often overlook, dismissing them as insignificant or inconsequential.
Yet, by paying attention to these cues, we can make informed decisions that have the
potential to save lives, money, and time and safeguard our health.
Saving Lives: The Power of Intuition

Our intuition often acts as our silent protector, warning us of imminent danger. As the
cattle’s behavior alerted us to the approaching storm, our intuition can guide us in
dangerous situations. Developing and trusting this innate sense is crucial, as it can be
the difference between life and death in critical moments.
Saving Money & Identifying Red Flags

The subtle signs we overlook can also have a financial impact. We can avoid costly
mistakes by training ourselves to recognize red flags in business or personal finances. It
could be a slight deviation in sales patterns, a sudden change in market trends, or even
the slightest hint of fraudulent behavior. Being attuned to these signs can lead to
significant savings in the long run.

Saving Time: Early Problem Detection

Time is a valuable resource; identifying pending problems in advance can help us
optimize its usage. We can detect inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or issues by paying
attention to subtle signs before they manifest fully. This proactive approach allows us to
address problems promptly, thus saving precious time wasted on rectifying preventable

Safeguarding Health: Listening to Our Bodies

Our bodies often provide us with early warning signs of health-related problems.
Headaches, fatigue, or subtle changes in appetite may indicate underlying issues. By
listening to these cues and seeking medical attention when necessary, we can catch
potential health concerns in their early stages, improving our chances of successful
treatment and avoiding more severe complications.

Slow down and pay attention to the subtle signs surrounding us in our busy lives. Just
as the cattle on that fishing boat trip indicated an impending storm, train yourself to
recognize your metaphorical “cows.” By being attuned to these signs, we can save lives,
money, time and prioritize our health. Embrace nature’s wisdom and heed the subtle
warnings of pending problems for a better, safer future.

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