As I dive into the concept of quitting, I am reminded that this word is multifaceted. Initially, it
conveys notions of giving up or admitting defeat. However, there is also a more profound
meaning hidden within its depths. To quit can also signify liberation, settling debts, and
embarking on a new path. It is this dichotomy that has inspired me to reflect on the critical
issue at hand: Why are people quitting? And more importantly, why are they quitting YOU –
their leader?

The Power of Leadership: As a diagnostic leader, I have had the privilege of examining
organizations that faced human failures, process breakdowns, and lapses in policy discipline.
One truth emerged through countless root cause analyses: people don’t quit their jobs; they
quit their bosses and companies. This cliché slogan, often dismissed as an overused slogan, has
unfolded countless times before my eyes. The reasons for quitting may vary, but at its core lies
a gap in leadership and organizational approaches to the human element. When such gaps
persist, it becomes a matter of time before individuals start quitting.

Unveiling the Quitting Process: Quitting encompasses a myriad of experiences, both profound
and mundane, that happen throughout our lives. Some instances, like quitting smoking, can be
transformative and extremely challenging. Others, like leaving a job due to a terminal illness,
may leave us with no choice. However, the most prevalent form of quitting is rooted in a sense
of devaluation, distorted purpose, and disrespectful treatment. Whether intentional or not,
when individuals feel unappreciated and unsupported, the seeds of quitting take root. But how
does it manifest, and what leads to this point of no return?

As I researched the concept of quitting, it led me to write my new book “When the Cows Lie
Down” (coming soon!). Drawing from my experiences, I weaved these concepts into my
experiences, which will help engage you and help you understand why people quit.

The issue of why people quit is a call to action for leaders across all sectors. By developing skills
that resonate with frontline personnel and their direct reports, leaders can bridge the gaps that
often lead to disillusionment and departure. Join me in crafting a future where quitting is not
synonymous with defeat but rather a catalyst for growth, liberation, and, ultimately, the
realization of full potential. Reach out to me today to get started on your leadership growth

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