Two steadfast companions live within the shadows of trauma: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and moral
injury. As the owner of both, I have an intimate relationship with them and learned to harness their energy,
transform their stories into empathy, and shed light on the importance of understanding these distinct
challenges. Through sharing my experiences, I hope to offer solace, knowledge, and an invitation to reach out
to me, where we can embark on a transformative path together.

The Essence of Moral Injury: Moral injury embodies the psychological and spiritual anguish that occurs when
one witnesses or engages in actions that oppose their deeply ingrained moral beliefs and values. While often
associated with high-stress professions like the military, healthcare, and first responders, moral injury can
happen when individuals confront any morally challenging situations.

After three phone calls in a single day from friends and family scattered across the nation, all seeking clarity on
moral injury, it sparked the realization that many are grappling with this concept. Moral damage, distinct from
PTSD, delves into the inner conflict that arises from violating one’s moral compass. It elicits guilt, shame, and
shattered trust in oneself and others. Unlike PTSD, it does not solely stem from combat experiences but can
emerge from other contexts.

The weight of moral injury has shaped my existence in profound ways. As a military veteran, I was caught in a
web of ethical dilemmas which forced me to make excruciating decisions that violated my core principles. The
toll on my soul was immeasurable, plunging me into a sea of guilt, shame, and betrayal. Through accepting
these experiences, I have harnessed their transformative energy, using my stories and emotions as a catalyst
for healing others and enlightening those who may not (yet) have experienced similar traumas.
The prevalence of PTSD and moral injury among veterans in the United States is alarmingly high, unlike in
Israel, where community support and military service are widespread. Both conditions require multifaceted
support to facilitate healing and reintegration. Often left untold, veterans’ stories hold the key to unlocking
empathy and understanding.

Beyond a fleeting “Thank you for your service” lies a world of untold stories. Engaging veterans in
conversation, and inviting them to share their experiences, unlocks profound connections and bridges
understanding. As I continue to uncover the layers of moral injury, my newest book will shed light on the
complexities and challenges we face. Together, let us march forward, offering support, compassion, and a
listening ear to the individuals whose journey has been shaped by the haunting buddies of PTSD and moral

Connect with me today to start your healing journey or to learn more.

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