As I feel the fall wind rustling through the leaves, I’m reminded of my love for being out
in the field hunting, enjoying long walks, and spending quality time with friends and
family. During these moments, I realize the significance of rewarding myself for my
hard work in various aspects of life, including my career, personal goals, and simple

I’ve learned that I’m more effective when I step away from it all. I take a break from
the computer, the phone, and everything work-related. Instead, I focus on myself, my
passions, and my well-being. I embrace these activities with as much enthusiasm as I
do my work, making sure I allocate enough time to recharge. It took me years to
overcome the tendency to push myself further, always chasing that “one more thing” to
do. In doing so, I often became less effective due to burnout and a lack of balance.
Our priorities are often reflected in what we love. We make time for the things that
truly matter to us and set goals to dedicate time to those passions. It may sound like a
vacation or a holiday, but what about when you can’t take two weeks off? What about
those moments when you need a mini-vacation or an extended weekend to clear your
mind and reset?

I’ve been experiencing this now, and it feels like a rebirth in many ways. I feel more
capable, rejuvenated, and creatively inspired. I might have even stumbled upon the
next big idea that will help me excel in my endeavors. The realization is clear: slowing
down isn’t a loss; it’s a gain. It’s a process of growth that allows you to become a better
version of yourself.
So, why should you slow down, recharge, and rebalance your life? Here’s some key
reasons why:

Refresh Your Perspective. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle allows you to
gain a fresh perspective on your life and goals. It’s like wiping the slate clean and
seeing things from a new angle. This renewed outlook can spark creativity and
innovation in your work and personal life.

Energize Your Mind and Body. Recharging is about more than rest, it’s about re-
energizing your mind and body. When well-rested and revitalized, you have the mental
and physical stamina to tackle challenges and pursue your mission with vigor.
Balancing your life’s bubbles means aligning your priorities with your passions. It’s
about recognizing that work is just one part of the equation. By dedicating time to the
things you love, you strike a harmonious balance that enhances your overall well-being.

Improve Your Relationships. When you’re burnt out and stressed, it’s challenging to
maintain healthy relationships. Recharging allows you to be present for the people you
care about. You become more enjoyable, and your connections with others deepen.

Re-ignite Your Creativity. When your mind is at ease, creativity happens. By
stepping away from your routine and engaging in activities you’re passionate about,
you create space for new ideas to flourish.

Elevate Your Performance. Contrary to the belief that slowing down hinders
productivity, recharging elevates your performance. You become more efficient,
effective, and focused when you’ve taken the time to rest and recharge.
As you embrace the idea of recharging and keeping your life’s bubbles in balance,
remember that it’s not a luxury but a necessity. Data supports the notion that
individuals who prioritize self-care and work-life balance are happier and more
successful in their professional and personal lives.

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that employees who take
regular breaks and vacations are more productive, creative, and less likely to burn out.
Furthermore, they reported higher levels of job satisfaction and overall well-being.
In the words of leadership expert Dave Nordel, author of “When the Cows Lie Down:
The Reason People Quit You, Their Leader,” taking time to recharge and maintain
balance in your life is essential for effective leadership. My insights emphasize the
importance of leading by example, as it fosters a culture of well-being and success
within an organization.

The idea of recharging isn’t a mere luxury, but a strategic imperative. It’s a practice
that benefits you and enhances your ability to achieve your mission and inspire others.
By refreshing your perspective, energizing your mind and body, balancing your
priorities, improving your relationships, reigniting your creativity, and elevating your
performance, you can become a more effective leader and a happier, more fulfilled
individual. So, don’t hesitate to slow down, grow, and provide the best version of
yourself to those who need and value the 100 percent you. After all, having fun outside
of work is the key to having fun while doing your job and leading people effectively.
I can help you find a strategy to balance your life bubbles. Connect with me today to
get on track.

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