Who would have thought that a mourning dove could inspire and remind us
of life’s basics that keep us calm and focused? Animals often demonstrate
qualities that, if we pay attention, can guide us in life. Remember, Orville
and Wilbur Wright invented flight by watching birds. There’s much to learn
from nature, and this story is about Daisy the dove, whose journey on a nest
has profound lessons for leadership, patience, and dedication.

I have been working on our house in Arizona. On the back patio, we installed
a fan with a bowl-shaped light—an ideal spot for a nest. During spring and
summer, birds naturally start building nests. One day, I noticed a finely
crafted nest lined with silky strings built by two sparrows. Unfortunately, I
had to remove it, which made me feel bad for the sparrows, but sometimes
life requires difficult choices.

However, nature offers second chances. When I returned to the property, a
mourning dove—now called Daisy—had set up her nest in the same light
fixture. This time, I decided to let her stay. Daisy had laid two eggs, and we
began living near each other. Initially, she would fly away if I got too close,
but over time, she stayed put even as I worked nearby. Our routines started
to intertwine, and I observed her with admiration.

Daisy’s patience and dedication are unmatched. She is focused on her task,
sacrificing her comfort for her soon-to-be offspring, standing watch 24/7.
Observing her, I began to reflect on her resilience and the lessons she
1. Patience: Daisy’s unwavering patience is a powerful reminder. She
doesn’t stress over the two weeks it takes to hatch her eggs or the
additional two weeks it takes to get her chicks out of the nest. She
stays committed for the duration. Do we have the patience to see
things through? If not, what are the consequences?
2. Simplicity: Daisy keeps her life simple. She follows a routine and
makes the most of her time. Complexity often leads to distraction
and inefficiency. Is your world too complex? Simplifying can be a
winning formula.
3. Strategic Vision: Daisy knows her task is challenging and requires
a long-term vision. She understands that shortcuts won’t achieve the
desired outcome. Do you have a plan, or are you just reacting to the
4. Trust: Daisy has learned to trust me over time. Trust is built and
earned, not given freely. Are we as good at building and maintaining
trust as she is?

With her patience, simplicity, strategic vision, and trust, Daisy exemplifies
qualities we should strive for in leadership and life. Despite the challenges
and needs, she makes it work gracefully and easily. Reflect on these lessons
and consider incorporating them into your life and leadership.

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